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12th-May-2028 09:11 pm - OOC information
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former Mayfield resident, currently homeless
23rd-Mar-2011 11:04 am - Creation 16
big grin
[Cynric, thanks to the post office, is now completely up to his full magical potential! Sorry, Mayfield. So very sorry.

Today the residents and neighbors of 1669 Nelson will see an odd sight. The recently budding trees and plant life around the house are all dead and dried. One might even accidentally stumble across a bird or squirrel that looks like it fell off a tree or roof, dead as a doornail. The smudged remains of a magical circle are left in sidewalk chalk near the house.

Elsewhere in town, Cynric can be seen with Hephaestus the dodo and... some sort of horrible cat monstrosity. You see, Cynric is an immensely powerful mage. The most powerful in his world, though he's not aware of that fact. His specialties, as he's told many people, lie in the creation of golems, chimera, homunculi and other creations via alchemy, summoning and other spells. And of couse, the first thing he's done is whip him self up a new friend. Made of cats. Several cats. Maybe around 8 of them. They've been formed into one unhappy, pointy-toothed, mangy mass about 8 feet in length and with 6 legs. Tiny Cynric is sitting on top of it as they walk through town, looking quite pleased. Heph totters along side them cheerfully as always. Cynric will tip his hat to one and all!]

Ah, good morning!

[[OOC - Cynric's magic has a tragic flaw to it - it sucks out the energy/life out of things around him, instead of using his own (like Theo, since they come from the same world). He shouldn't be doing a lot of casting in this thread, but be warned if he does - if your character is nearby when he does, they will get light headed, pass out or in some instances, die. Though unless he casts something huge, that last one shouldn't happen.]]

1st-Mar-2011 10:55 pm - Creation 15
grin 2
[Action A: Guess who is all up in your business today, Mayfield! Cynric hasn't gotten all of his magic back, just two spells so far. One allows him to speak to his creations, which is only his dodo Hephaestus at the moment. The other is a magic detection spell that lets him find sources of magic within about a 50 yard radius of himself. these were affects that he always had going and greatly missed. Now that he has the latter back, he's on a mission to find all the different kind of magic there is in town! Do you have a magical item or affect on you? Cynric will be following you, and he's hardly subtle. If he gets a ping from your house or garage, he'll be peeking in windows to see what he find. Whatever he might find, he's heading towards it.

Action B: Later, to any visitors at the bowling alley have to put up with him as an attendant. Except usually all he's doing is bowling too. He's terrible at it, but enjoys every minute of it. He's tickled when he manages to knock anything down, and like an excited child, will get the attention of someone nearby to show off.]

Oi! Did you see that? Got those two right on the end!

24th-Jan-2011 01:47 pm - Creation 14
[Phone! For the first time, Mayfield, have an irritated-sounding Cynric.]

Mayfield, I know that you send people home all the time, but if I am to remain here, can the interesting ones at least stay with me? It's not often famous composers of opera roll into your life, and that you might be given the chance to be the lead of the opera he is composing.

[A pause.] But that's the way things go. Even outside of Mayfield. Being permanently droned is the closest we have to death, after all.

If anyone had been getting voice lessons from Mr. Salieri, I would be glad to offer in his place. I have centuries of practice and knowledge so I know you will find me to be a satisfactory instructor. My name is Cynric; feel free to contact me.

[With that, he hangs up. Not!family or visitors will find him sitting on the porch and pouting while stuffing his face with red licorice. Hephaestus, his dodo, is beside himself as he can tell there's something wrong with his master, but since they still can't communicate, he doesn't know what. He's flitting about trying to cheer Cynric up.]

25th-Dec-2010 09:45 am - Creation 13
Hmph. Well. I-If this is your idea of a joke, Mayfield, I don't like it! Christmas is no time for cruel pranks. And I don't believe this for a second, anyway. Of course my sons would want to see me. They would never say such things!

I'm sure of this.

[He doesn't sound so confident. But Cynric hangs up the phone, and sits down near the tree and the gift he was given. Inside was the severed heads of his sons. He can't stand to open it again. Even if he thinks this is a joke, it's still tough to deal with and he's not sure what to do. Family members will find him there, looking angry and unsure of what to do.]

[[OOC - Like a lot of you, I'll be busy IRL with holiday hijinks. I'll do my best to tag around and post with all my characters later tonight or tomorrow! Merry Christmas, all.]]

21st-Nov-2010 12:55 pm - Creation 12
[Beware, Mayfield! There's a dodo on the loose!

Okay, okay. He's hardly anything to be feared. Quite the opposite, really. Hephaestus might be big, but he's really just like an overly-affectionate, 3-foot-tall pigeon. He's trundling about the neighborhood getting into your business! It seems like his master forgot to lock the gate, and ol' Heph has escaped into town.

Heph, being magically created by Cynric, is smarter than the average dodo, but that's not saying too much. He's a lot like his master, what with his love of people and his curiosity. And you might just find him while you're out and about today!

Maybe he's gotten into your house through a door left ajar. Not to mention you left some delicious fruit out on the kitchen table... or maybe he's playing with the fallen leaves in your yard. He might be in the park too, taking a bath in the water fountain. He could be following you down the street because you *obviously* look like someone who is friendly and interesting! You also might have food. Naturally.

Cynric after awhile will be out looking for him, calling out his pet's name. He'll catch up with him sometime in the evening though.]

[[Just mention a scenario in the post, and if you're approaching Heph or Cynric! Thanks.]]
27th-Sep-2010 06:41 pm - Creation 11
grin 1
[Cynric's out and about on the town as usual! Today you'll find him in a few places, we're you're free to harass/gawk at/possibly talk to?:

1!) Squinting at various store fronts in downtown Mayfield, frowning and wrinkling his nose in frustration. This town has a distinct lack of tea trays. What a bother.

2!) At the grocery store! His basket has things in it like tea, sugar, cream, bread, cheese, some meats... and candy. And cookies. Oh, those apples look good! And how about some this breakfast cereal? He'll probably ask your advice on what would be better for a party: black or red licorice? Or maybe you'll spot the shorty trying to reach a taller shelf, knocking over everything in creation in the process.

3!) In your garage. Yep, yours. He's rooting through your stuff, looking for tea trays mostly, but he gets distracted by pretty much anything. Especially mechanical bits, large and small. Or anything else fin that might catch his eye. He sees nothing wrong with taking anything - after all, is it really YOUR stuff, Mayfield? It was here when you got here, right? Unless whatever he's taking is regain-related. Oops.

4!) Practicing his singing in his backyard, with his dodo for an audience. After all, he's made friends with some of music's finest, and he wants to impress. The scary part? The boy is actually good. REALLY good. He's got a lovely tenor voice. After all, he's had several hundred years to get it right. You'll hear him doing scales and singing snippets from his favorite opera, Don Giovanni.]
23rd-Aug-2010 09:32 am - Creation 10
grin 2
Are there any tailors in town? The post office returned my clothes to me but took two of my fingers! Not to mention they got all bloody after that...

I was thinking maybe I could have someone help recreate them, then I can return these to the post office and get my fingers back! Brilliant, eh? I don't have a lot to give you in return since the town won't give me a job but... I don't know, I'll figure something out! I'm confident I can be of help somehow. Errands and such? I even have a bike now to do it with! I've even figured out how to ride it now.
11th-Aug-2010 01:45 pm - Creation 9
grin 1
[Cynric had been woken abruptly by the drones in this house this morning. According to them it was his birthday! He attempted to protest, saying that it wasn't, at least he didn't *think* so, he couldn't quite remember, but they laughed it off as usual. Oh Cynric, always such a joker!

Giving up arguing, Cynric decided to follow the drone mother down stairs to be treated to a bountiful birthday breakfast... and a present. Once he finished the food he was led outside to see one super bitchin' bicycle. OK, well, time to stop arguing! He was thrilled by this. It even has a light on it and everything!

A quick phone call will be made to everyone before he tries it out:]

Does this town normally arbitrarily assign birthdays? Or does it really know that today is it? Because I certainly didn't remember! They also seem to think I'm 15 now. [He scoffs at that, laughing.] They never get it right!

Oh! Riding a bicycle is as easy as everyone claims it to be, correct?

[After that, he can be seen out on Nelson Street, with his dodo watching him curiously, attempting to ride the bike. He's never tried it before, and his legs are a bit short, so he falls over a lot. But he's undaunted, and keeps trying, determined to get it right!]

It can't really be that hard, can it, Heph? It's all about balance! Right?

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